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My Approach

My approach to social media is all around engagement. I am a strong believer that the more engagement that is created on a daily basis then the higher the likelihood that your followers will become loyal and in turn buy from you when you are selling a product.


Building a community around your business

Too many businesses use social media as a billboard to promote their latest offers and products. The bottom line is this turns people off from their brand. People use channels such as Facebook to see what their friends are doing and view things that interest them. Businesses need to get onto the consumers level (not the other way round!). By building a community that is highly engaged and looks forward to viewing your content you are much more likely to find the desired return on investment that you desire from Social Media.


Engagement focussed

Getting engagement on social media is something that requires a mixture of strategy, persistence and execution but if done right will have long term benefits for your business that other channels don’t offer. You can get closer to your customers and create more loyal customers than ever before.


Case Study

Creating a Facebook page with an 8% engagement rate (industry av. 1.5%)


Aim: To use Facebook as a primary method to build a community, engage with the community and build potential leads and in turn sales for the business.


  • – High Engagement Rates – Page engagement of 8% over a 6 month period (average is 1.5%).
  • – Loyal Followers – Repeat followers engaging with content on a regular basis.
  • – Social Media Sales – Weekly enquiries through the Facebook page.


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